The past month

The month of January was a wonderful month filled with milestones for our family. I was slightly sad to be off social media on this month because I missed out on sharing so much of our lives. But I am glad I've stuck with it since I've sensed the Lord leading me to give it up for some time and it truly has been good. Now I'm even extending it for longer.

To go all the way back- Here is a picture from New Year's Eve in our front porch. The kids had a blast staying up late and watching fireworks. 

The second week of January I had the honor of hosting a baby shower for one of my dearest friends Laura and baby Lucy Grace. It was so fun hosting another shower for her, especially since we hosted a shower three years ago for baby Selah here too!

In January Jack also came first in his class for a spelling bee contest. From that he competed against other first grade classes and qualified to compete outside of school. So in a few weeks we're heading to Clearwater for another spelling bee contest. Who knew we would one day be going to spelling bee contests?

January 21st was Steve's birthday and we were able to go away for a night. We enjoyed being away from the kids (oops did I just say that?) and having some time to ourselves. We were able to go down to Anna Maria and watch the sunset a few times. We didn't take pictures while away- not big fans of selfies!

January 22nd we dedicated Lilian at our home church FishHawk Fellowship. It was a very special day because we waited for what seemed like sooo long for her, that it was a joy to dedicate her back to the Lord. I truly am so thankful she is part of our family and I thank God for the gift of her life everyday... some days I still can't believe she is here!

My mom and Godmother came into town and it was even more special they came. My Godmother has known me from the day I was born and she has been always a big part of my life. 

January was a very blessed month and I'm thankful for all we experienced! 

Digging Deeper

Life seems more quiet and less filled with distractions being off social media. It has been hard to stay off in some ways, but on a good note it has been so much easier to hear from God during my quiet times. And they've been more consistent and regular. A big reason why I decided to take a break was because I hadn't heard anything from the Lord in months and He felt distant... and I was growing frustrated. It has been a joy to be able to hear from Him slowly again.